Mindful Eating Moms

A new project from Corinne Crossley, LMHC and me!  What is this all about?  We wrote a book!  YEP, a BOOK.  Oh, and a BLOG!  It's got lots of great info on mindful eating & being a new mom.


Written for moms looking to more mindfully feed and care for themselves (and by extension their families). We’ve put great thought into how to keep the information both accessible and vital for busy moms. We hope reading it feels like sitting with a trusted friend in your moms group who can give you the lowdown on mindfulness and mindful eating.


Each chapter has helpful exercises on getting you in touch with what will help you feed yourself with increased awareness and make it workable to your life. The last thing an overwhelmed mom needs is another thing on her to do list. We want this book to be that resource on your bedside table for when you’re feeling lost. Our wish is that you pick it up, read a couple pages, and by the time you fall into your exhausted mom sleep you will have some new ideas for what might help tomorrow (in addition to remembering what you are already doing well.)