The Momma Bites Podcast & Mindful Eating Moms

A new project from Corinne Crossley, LMHC and me!  What is this all about?  We started a podcast all about Mommas and Mindful Eating!  We also chat about a whole slew of other stuff related to women's reproductive health, mental health, and momma wellness in general! 


Momma Bites! can be heard on your favorite podcast listening platform.


"Intuitive Eating specialists Corinne Crossley. LMHC and Jessica Foley, LMHC discuss all things self-care with a variety of noteworthy moms (and some dads too). Episodes are kept short (30-45 minutes) but informative with busy moms in mind. Interviews feature leaders in the fields of dietetics, fitness, and body image on their own challenges with self-care and parenting. Conversations balance strategies for survival with humor and fun. Never miss our favorite question -- 'what's your favorite kid food?' with each guest."


The Momma Bites! website also has recent episodes and blog posts to dig into!