I Believe In Giving Back...

In October, I participated in the Comfort Zone 5k!  Please support my efforts-all proceeds go towards Comfort Zone, which provides FREE camps for children who have experienced loss, giving them community, coping skills, and a safe place to heal.  You can still donate!

As part of my values and belief system, I give back in many ways.  One of those ways is donating to Kiva.  Your money not only sustains me, but also helps lend funds to small businesses worldwide in an effort to alleviate poverty.  I chose Kiva because, as a small business owner, I know what it's like to get off the ground.  I often chose to support women who are needing that extra lift to get started or expand.  Since 2008, your money has helped support eight different women in eight different countries! 


Currently, a portion of my income is being used to support part of a loan for Nimia Rosa in Ecuador.


Here's more about her:

Rosa is a single mother. She has 7 children; four of them are studying, two still have not started school, and one, who is 16 years old, could not continue his education because his mother lacked the financial resources. 

Rosa cooks in an estate, and there she has been offered a room where she lives with her children. She also raises small animals. Rosa has a disability in her left leg, but she says that this doesn’t prevent her from working and taking her children forward. 

The loan will be invested in buying pigs to raise on the estate where she works. Her goal is that she never lacks work, that she can improve her business, and that her children never lack food.


While Rosa's loan through Kiva has been fully funded, many other women worldwide could use your help.  Here's how to get started.