I Believe In Giving Back...

As part of my values and belief system, I give back in many ways.  Therapy for women is a way that I give back, but another one of those ways is donating to Kiva.  Your money not only sustains me, but also helps lend funds to small businesses worldwide in an effort to alleviate poverty.  I chose Kiva because, as a small business owner in private counseling, I know what it's like to get off the ground.  I often chose to support women who are needing that extra lift to get started or expand.  Since 2008, your money has helped support nine different women in eight different countries! 


Currently, a portion of my income is being used to support part of a loan for Taumateina in Samoa.


Here's more about her:

Taumateina is 45 years old and married with 7 children. She has a small vegetable garden where she grows cabbages and tomatoes that she can sell in her community or at the market. She has been doing this for 2 years. Taumateina needs a loan to buy insect poison, fertilizer, a new wheelbarrow, a tiller, a rake, new gloves and a watering hose. She has been a member of SPBD since 2014. Taumateina will use the profits from her sales to pay for her family's weekly expenses.


While Taumateina's loan through Kiva has been fully funded, many other women worldwide could use your help.  Here's how to get started.