perinatal and postpartum adjustment can be tough-but you're not alone.

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Boston OBGYN

I'm affiliated with Boston OBGYN, and work in collaboration with them to ensure the best team approach for clients.  If you're a client of Boston OBGYN, and are referred to me by your physician, I will assist you in finding a provider if I am unable to see you myself.

This is supposed to be a blessing, right??

You’ve had a baby. It’s the best thing in the world, right? You waited nine long months, you re-arranged your whole life, you prepped and read and anticipated…and now your bundle is home…and you are wondering what you’ve done to yourself.


This is a scenario I see time and time again with new moms. No one talks about these issues because of the stigma traditionally attached to Post-Partum Depression & Anxiety.


“You’ve just had a baby, how can you be depressed!” “This is your second child, you totally know what you’re doing-why are you freaking out!” These are the responses that many of my clients have been met with when they talk about their feelings, in addition to being “brushed off” (‘it’s just the baby blues’) or criticized unfairly (‘don’t be so selfish’). I’m here to tell you; these feelings are a NORMAL part of motherhood & women's health.  Even if you dealt with infertility, it's ok to feel this way. I can help you navigate through these feelings and come out on the other side, where you feel supported and able to handle all of the tasks that motherhood (and the rest of life) throws your way!


Please don’t wait to address these feelings…call today for an appointment, so you can begin to feel better now, in an environment that promotes your own self-care and well being.  If I have a wait list, I will assist you in finding appropriate treatment.  You will learn how to gain support and create your own self-care plan. And most of all, you will learn that you are not alone in this, it really does take a village…for your little one, and yourself!!!


I am committed to helping new moms through Postpartum Depression, and have even assisted with legislation regarding PPD in Massachusetts!  I am currently in partnership with Boston OBGYN.


If you are an agency or group, and would like a presentation on Postpartum Depression, please email or call for details!


I also help women with other reproductive issues like menopause, infertility, & abortion.

You Might Have a Postpartum Mood Disorder If...


  • Feel restless or irritable
  • Feel sad, hopeless, or overwhelmed
  • Feel guilty or shameful about being depressed
  • Cry a lot!
  • Have no energy
  • Have been eating too little, or too much
  • Trouble with your memory (not remembering things on a short-term basis)
  • Feel isolated, or withdraw from friends or family
  • Feel like you cannot take care of the baby, or are “not good at it”
  • Lose interest in things you liked to do
  • Having headaches, stomachaches, or chest pains/palpitations
  • And ultimately, feel like this is NOT what you expected!!

Becoming a mom is a developmental stage!

Sometimes the transition into motherhood isn't so smooth.  It's really normal to have some anxiety about what kind of mom you'll be and how you're going to handle this next chapter of your life.  


Pregnancy isn't always easy, and talking about your hopes, fears, and worries can be really helpful.  There are a lot of shifts both physically & emotionally during this time before your baby arrives, and many women struggle with choices that are difficult, including childcare options, going back to work, identity issues, and creating a support system.  There is also a LOT of information out there on pregnancy, giving birth, and parenting, which can feel overwhelming.  Sorting through what's useful & important is tough.


Therapy can help you integrate who you were before you got pregnant into the mom you'd like to be.  We can prepare you for this new experience as much as possible, and help you when you're feeling overwhelmed.  Think of it like a road-map for your journey!  Let me know how I can help.

I Can Help You Recover From Postpartum Mood Disorders By:

  •  Providing an open, safe relationship to discuss your feelings
  • Identifying your feelings and showing you that you are NOT alone
  • Creating an active treatment plan that addresses your feelings in a real way
  • Finding resources to support you in your depression
  • Dispelling several key “myths of motherhood” that influence the way you feel about parenting
  • Helping you find ways to talk with family and friends about your depression
  • Identifying several coping strategies that can help alleviate symptoms
  • Helping you carve out some serious self-care time
  • Raising your confidence in your ability to parent effectively

In 2019, I became a PMH-C, Certified Professional Perinatal Mental Health Professional through Postpartum Support International.  

In May 2014, I completed the Online Training for the Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals Hosted by Postpartum Support International, and the 2020 Mom Project.  I am also a certified provider by PSI as of 2019.

Postpartum Stress Center Master Therapist
Postpartum Stress Center Master Therapist

I've recieved my advanced clinical training from expert Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW at the Postpartum Stress Center.