I'm looking for the light at the end of the tunnel...

You’re on the couch, binge watching Netflix -again. You’ve seen this episode. Three times....may as well go back to bed. Eat some ice cream. Too tired for the gym, too tired to call a friend….no one would get it anyway. And it’s only Monday.


You could be depressed. Women who are taking care of everything and everyone…and when they get a moment to themselves, depression’s voice speaks up and takes over.


But there’s hope. Recognizing that depression is an issue is half of the battle. Together, we can look at the signs and symptoms, and make some changes in your life that will alleviate this moodiness, and teach you some skills to manage these feelings out of sessions!  I help women in the greater Boston area, CA, and AZ understand and deal with depression, including postpartum depression and anxiety.

I can help you through depression by:

  • Providing an open, safe relationship to discuss your feelings
  • Identifying your feelings and showing you that you are NOT alone
  • Creating an active treatment plan that addresses your feelings in a real way
  • Finding resources to support you in your depression
  • Helping you find ways to talk with family and friends about your depression
  • Identifying several coping strategies that can help alleviate symptoms
  • Helping you carve out some serious self-care time
  • Making a plan in case of future relapse