you are not your trauma.  Your brain can heal itself; it knows what to do.

Like the Kintsugi pottery below from Japan, therapy helps you piece together your broken pieces and transforms them into part of your narrative that you fully own.  Gold is used to repair the pottery & is never hidden as it adds to the value of the item, forever becoming part of it's beauty and history.  


The Latest in trauma treatment: Brainspotting

"Where You look affects how you feel" -David Grand, PhD

A revolutionary new treatment has developed to effectively treat trauma.  Brainspotting (BSP) uses points in your visual field to to help access trauma in the subcortical brain.  Discovered in 2003 by Dr. David Grand, Brainspotting is quickly becoming well known throughout the world, and I'm happy to bring this method to you, along with all the other tools we can utilize to assist in recovering from trauma.


Ummmm.  What?  How does this work?

I know, it sounds weird....and it is kind of weird! 


During Brainspotting, we help your brain source difficult feelings and memories, and access its own self healing capacity.   Most of our traditional therapies utilize talking, which has just one entry way (or neuropathway) into the subcortex (the part of the brain that stores trauma, and can sometimes produce somatic symptoms in the body related to that trapped trauma).  It can take A LONG TIME for talk therapy to work in the same way that Brainspotting does.


Using the muscles of your eye & staring at a fixed point, we have a direct route into the subcortex with many entryways-WAY more than just talking!  Brianspotting helps to 'unwire' trauma pathways so that the trauma disconnects from all the other areas of your life.  


You don't need to "do ANYTHING" for it to "work", we can trust your brain to know how to heal.  I am present for the entire process and walk you through every step. 


Here's more about brainspotting:

I am currently fully certified in Brainspotting, have completed Phase I and Phase II of coursework, and additional coursework, as well as clinical hours.  


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