There are lots of ways to get in touch:

Popsicles & Kermit the Frog are STILL my jam.
Popsicles & Kermit the Frog are STILL my jam.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to schedule an initial appointment. If you leave me a message, I will return your inquiry within 24 hours, M-Thurs.


Email is another great way to reach out - I will also return email within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Thursday.


Note that my Waltham/Boston area office is located in my home, which means there are sometimes pets, and definitely pet dander, during your therapy.  Take heed (or Claritin!) if you have any pet allergies. 


I also have a second location within the offices of Boston OBGYN.  I'm at this location on Wednesday mornings-this location is reserved for patients of the practice that have been referred by their physician.  

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I'm also all over social media and you can follow me below!  Disclaimer:  Social media is a public place.  Even private messages on social media are NOT secure.  Please do not share anything you would not want the public to read.  If you are interested in becoming a client, please know that I do use a HIPAA secure platform for email & video sessions to keep your info safe and protected.  Super Important Note:  Following or engaging with me on social media is NOT the same as having a therapeutic relationship.  I cannot answer any clinical questions.  There is no expectation that clients follow me, and I will never follow you back to protect your privacy.  Please refrain from including personal info in your comments on any of my social media posts.  My social media presence is for entertainment and information only and does not serve as therapy.