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Latest Rising Strong 'The Daring Way™' Weekend Intensive!

Great news, our next Daring Way™ Weekend Intensive is set for March 31st, April 1st, & April 2nd, 2017.  We'll be holding in again at Roots & Wings in Natick, MA.  Please keep in mind, this is the ONLY weekend in the northeast that we have seen within the Daring Way community; we do expect it to be FULL.  See this page for more details!

"Rising Strong the Daring Way™" Weekend Intensives!

New Daring Way™ weekends, designed by Brené Brown, are happening in July & August!  Check out details here!  I wanted to just let you know how awesome the weekends are.  Honestly, it's the work I love to do and each weekend is carefully crafted and tailored to the needs of the participants.  We learn together how to live more wholeheartedly, experience safe vulnerability, and connection with others.  Dr. Brown, through her extensive research & lived experience, has given us a beautiful template to experiencing more joy, passion, and connectivity in our relationships.  I hope you'll join us!


Resource Store!

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Links for PostPartum Depression:


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Links for DATING!

  •  I think Table for Eight is one of the first places I would go if I were going to date! 
  • The Boston Calendar always has up-to-date info on what's going on in the city and surrounding burbs.  My weekend bible.  
  •  Meetup is great-not only might you find someone special, you'll be doing something you like anyway.  


Links for Reproductive Health:

Links for Quarter Life Crisis:


Links to Help You Invite More Calm to your Life: