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Next Living Courageously Workshop is READY!

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Workshop at Boston NAPS!

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Learning to Walk The 'Grace Trail'

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Three Ways to Feel Your Anger

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What does self-care looks like?

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BEDA Conference 2017!

Corinne Crossley, LMHC and I attended the BEDA 2017 Conference this weekend in NYC!  Corinne has been my partner in crime practically since I started private practice almost ten years ago (whoah, ten YEARS?!).  Now, Corinne and I have a new endeavor together, a book!  


We love attending the BEDA conference, and this year was no exception.  Here's some of what we saw and did!


On Thursday evening, we saw an amazing viewing of "Fattitude", a movie that explores " fat discrimination and its main obective is to make the general public more aware of the prejudice that fat people experience."  Boy, did it ever.  I think I can safely say we were both touched by the stories we saw and the very real statistics about weight discrimination and fat bias in America.  What was REALLY cool was that so many of our idols were in the film and ALSO IN THE AUDIENCE WITH US (I'm talking about YOU Jen Ponton and Virgie Tovar (#girlcrushheroes).  


Friday and Saturday were filled with many sessions, and most of them were amazing!  One of the highlights was "Eating Disorders in Marginalized Populations: What is the impact of Food Insecurity?".  In this session, we learned about the impact of food scarcity on marginalized populations, and how it impacted binge eating behavior.  So impactful, and made us think about how we can listen to this community more about what they need.  


We also loved Amy Pershing's session, "Unsafe as a Way of Life: The Role of Complex Trauma in The Development of Binge Eating Disorder".  The link between trauma and ED has been well documented, and Amy reinforced for us the identification of trauma in the BED population, and encouraged us to work without re-traumatizing, something we are grateful for.  


Dr. Kimberly Dennis taught us about the role of addiction in BED, and was careful to identify that we are not talking about 'food addiction' here, but rather, the idea that some of the same brain circuitry exists and reinforces binging behavior.  Dr. Dennis is so smart, we wish we could listen to her session two more times, because it was a lot of good science to take in.  


Overall, this conference is always amazing and exhausting, and renews our passion to help women (and men!) recover from BED.  We got to see many of our friends and colleagues, caught up on the latest research in BED and Health At Every Size (HAES) and made some new connections in the field.  In addition, we spoke with many folks about our upcoming book, and the importance of helping moms learn more about mindful eating!  I know we'll get to attend this one again, and maybe even speak...!


BEDA isn't just for professionals, though...if you or someone you love has struggled with BED in the past, BEDA can be an amazing place to gain community and information-anyone can become a member.  Thanks to everyone who made this year's conference a success, and we can't wait until next year!


Association For Size Diversity & Health Conference 2015!

I just came back from attending the 2015 ASDAH Conference in Boston!  What a transformative weekend!  While it was very packed with sessions, I think it was the 'difficult conversations' we had that proved extremely valuable.  One of my favorite sessions was with my colleague & friend, Marci Anderson Evans RD.  Marci discussed the conflicts between an eating disorder recovery perspective when working with clients who have experienced weight loss surgery.  Fortunately, a HAES (Health At Every Size) model still works amazingly well with clients who have had surgery-the body still speaks to us and it's still our job to listen & respond.  It was nice to see a specific instance where Marci has been able to marry these two worlds which can sometimes seem at odds.  They don't have to be; HAES is for everyone.  We got to also hear from Marci's client and listened to her perspective on how HAES was healing for her.   


Other important presentations included discussing the role of size bias in counselor education, size diversity & birth practices, and using motivational interviewing when working with clients & colleagues around HAES and size bias related issues.  I met a ton of awesome professionals from all around the world, and connected with folks on many levels.  


In addition to discussing size diversity and health, we also had some intense but purposeful dialogue about how the HAES model, ASDAH, and its membership can be more open & sensitive to issues of diversity, privilege, and food justice.  I felt that while these were difficult conversations at times, they are issues I am passionate about as a person & clinician.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for ASDAH, it's membership, and the HAES model!


If you are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food...if you've dieted on and off for years....if you can't stop emotionally consuming, or overexercising...or restricting.....let's change it.  Let's stop fighting your body and work with it.  Let's change your relationship with food forever, and help you develop body trust-because I always believe that you are the expert of you.  


New Daring Way™ Book Clubs!

Starting this fall, several new groups & book clubs are being offered!  What better way to start and maintain connections than to meet with a solid group of ladies, share some snacks, and talk about the shit that's really important.  LOVE it!  We just completed the very first ever Gifts of Imperfection Book Club, and it was pretty fabulous.  These groups are limited in the number of participants, so be sure to contact me soon to hold your place!

Here's what's coming:

  • "Gifts of Imperfection" ONLINE Book Club
  • "Rising Strong" In Person Book Club
  • "Gifts of Imperfection" Art Journaling Group-THIS GROUP IS FULL
  • The Daring Way™ Women's Weekend Intensive

If you're interested or know someone who is, let me know!  


Here's more info!


Next Living Courageously Workshop is READY!

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Learning to Walk The 'Grace Trail'

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