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A Path to Healing Through Empathic Connection...

Now Serving clients in both Massachusetts & California!

Photo by Katherine Jane Photography
Photo by Katherine Jane Photography

Through therapy, our relationship will become a gateway to a new path… one that will ultimately transform the pain you feel into a part of your story that is honored and blessed.


I have special expertise in treating many women's issues - everything from emotional pain stemming from reproductive health challenges, to dealing with infidelity in a relationship.


As a woman, I understand how life can affect us differently. Problems like unplanned pregnancies, chronic illnesses, eating issues, postpartum depression - it's stuff like this that can really have an impact on how you feel. It’s not always easy to talk about the problems that are keeping us up at night, but counseling is one place where it’s ok to say anything, and to truly be heard and helped. Don’t wait to decide to change your life - schedule an intake appointment today!


In goal oriented psychotherapy, we will use the power of your narrative to show the way to a more connected life. In therapy, you will experience a safe, empathic environment to share, learn and grow through our work together. Healing through making changes in your life isn’t always easy, but therapy can be a supportive place to start! I look forward to embarking on this journey with you...


...a journey that results in a healthier, happier you!


Some Special Areas I Treat Include:

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