Being a STEMinist isn't easy...

It's no lie that women are underrepresented in STEM related fields...and if you're out there working, it can feel like a lonely landscape-full of men.  Ladies have told me all sorts of horror stories-but there's hope.  Not just for you and the job you're in now, but the field as a whole-and you staying in your chosen career is part of a revolution.  

Therapy can help ease work-related stress and facilitate learning new techniques to manage your stress.  We might not be able to make it go away, but maybe we can make it work for you.  

Some of the common issues for women in STEM jobs are:

  • Facing gender stereotypes at work/blatant and subversive sexism
  • Feeling isolated at work and unsupported
  • Frustration at the lack of mentorship in chosen field
  • Narrow and frosty culture in the workplace 
  • Feeling unsupported by upper level management
  • Integrating motherhood and family life 

If you feel like these issues are hijacking your work and your life, let's talk about it.  While I only spent a hot minute in tech, my year-long odyssey into teaching electronic medical records to pediatricians was enough to help me understand some of the unique challenges that we face in this industry.  Let me help you manage these issues, and become an advocate for yourself, and for STEMinists everywhere!