Becoming A Mom Can Be Kinda Scary...

Sometimes the transition into motherhood isn't so smooth.  It's really normal to have some anxiety about what kind of mom you'll be and how you're going to handle this next chapter of your life.  


Pregnancy isn't always easy, and talking about your hopes, fears, and worries can be really helpful.  There are a lot of shifts both physically & emotionally during this time before your baby arrives, and many women struggle with choices that are difficult, including childcare options, going back to work, identity issues, and creating a support system.  There is also a LOT of information out there on pregnancy, giving birth, and parenting, which can feel overwhelming.  Sorting through what's useful & important is tough.


Therapy can help you integrate who you were before you got pregnant into the mom you'd like to be.  We can prepare you for this new experience as much as possible, and help you when you're feeling overwhelmed.  Think of it like a road-map for your journey!  Let me know how I can help.